Where We Work


Community Sites

Safe Streets currently operates sites in four communities: 

  • McElderry Park
  • Cherry Hill
  • Park Heights
  • Sandtown-Winchester

Each community site employs a team of Violence Interrupters, a Violence Prevention Coordinator, a Site Supervisor, and a Site Director. In each neighborhood where Safe Streets works, the site builds relationships with key individuals in the community, hosts shooting responses, organizes community-building events, and connects residents to resources.

Explore our sites here.

Map of Baltimore showing sites


Hospital Responder Program

Safe Streets employs hospital responders at Sinai Hospital in Park Heights and Medstar Harbor Hospital in Cherry Hill to serve patients who are admitted to the emergency department for injuries caused by violence. Hospital responders conduct intakes and risk assessments with patients, and create individualized plans to prevent further injury or retaliation. Hospital responders also provide service referrals to ensure comprehensive support for patients and collaborate with Safe Streets site staff to mediate conflicts as needed.


School-Based Violence Prevention Program

Safe Streets also collaborates with Renaissance Academy, Frederick Douglass High School, and the Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts to address risk and protective factors related to violence among students, and offer other necessary support towards preventing school-based violence.