Relationship Questionnaire

Does Your Partner:

  1. Constantly put you down?
  2. Get extremely jealous?
  3. Threaten to hurt you, your pet, family or friends?
  4. Keep you from spending time with family or friends?
  5. Insist that you dress or wear your hair a certain way?
  6. Force you to kiss him/her or do things you don't want to?
  7. Have unexpected outbursts of anger?
  8. Break your things or go through your personal belongings?
  9. Hit, punch, slap, kick or shove you?
  10. Keep you from going where you want to go?
  11. Humiliate or embarrass you in front of others?

Do you:

  1. Comply with your partner's wishes because you are afraid to hurt his/her feelings or are afraid of your partner's anger?
  2. Have the urge to "rescue" your partner when he/she is in trouble?
  3. Lie to your friends of family about any bruises or physical harm your partner may have caused?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship. Help is available by clicking here. You are not alone. Domestic violence affects people in every community regardless of income, race, ethnicity, marital status, age, gender, physical ability, or sexual orientation.