About Us


"To improve public safety for Baltimore City residents and increase opportunities for those who have been in contact with the criminal justice system."

The Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice (MOCJ) was established to provide the citizens of Baltimore City a safer, healthier and stronger community. Efforts to reduce crime, decrease gang activity and diminish the drug trade will work only if they are coordinated throughout city government and in collaboration not only with the state and federal levels, but with our faith & community-based partners to address the roots of crime.

MOCJ is responsible for the following tasks:

  • coordinating criminal justice strategies within Baltimore City’s agencies;
  • forming partnerships with state and federal agencies, community groups and non-profit organizations to address crime and criminal justice issues;
  • assisting residents who are in need of support due to their criminal background. This includes prisoner reentry, juvenile justice reform, and other activities that will ensure one’s successful return to the community; and
  • administering Operation Crime Watch, which effectively unites Baltimore neighborhoods and police to reduce and prevent drug use and drug-related crime by engaging citizens in law enforcement and community crime prevention activities.

MOCJ oversees Local Law Enforcement Block Grants, as well as grants from the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention to reduce crime in Baltimore City . Funds are dispersed among law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, community organizations, and service providers developing and implementing comprehensive crime prevention strategies.

Community Crime Prevention

MOCJ works hand in hand with neighborhoods, organizations, and agencies to implement crime prevention efforts. These efforts include organizing Citizens on Patrol programs, block watches, and anti-crime vigils.