Guided by the Mayor’s vision for Baltimore and rooted in a holistic approach to neighborhood health and safety, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (MONSE) empowers community partners and city agencies to play a more active role in the co-production of public safety and prevention of violence through a trauma-responsive, healing-centered, and equity-based approach for the benefit of all Baltimoreans.

Guiding Values

In everything that it does, MONSE is committed to upholding its core values of being:

  • Equity-based. Focused on promoting justice in reducing disproportionate negative impacts of current and future policies and practices.
  • Healing-centered.  Preventing violence must be paired with repairing harm.
  • Trauma-informed.  Based on understanding and integrating knowledge about the causes and consequences of trauma.
  • Justice-oriented.  Real justice is about more than punishment; it is also about restoration, renewal, and healing from past harms.
  • Partnership-based. Just as violence is intersectional, so must the solutions, relying on cross-system partners and partnerships.
  • Transparent.  Strong partnerships require trust, and trust demands transparency and accountability.  
  • Data- and research-driven. Relying on data and the best available experimental and experiential evidence to guide decision making.
  • Results-oriented.  Devoted to delivering impact.